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About Us

Established in 2007, AlexPetro is a Service Company specializing in the provision of quality drilling services to the Oil and Gas sectors in the regions of North Africa and the Middle East. Supporting the industries drilling process, AlexPetro’s portfolio encompasses a range of Surveying Services, Provision of Drilling Tools, Geological & Safety Training, Manpower Supply and NEW Enviromental Waste Tech.We have solutions for extensive requirements from large complex turnkey operations to small parts and equipment. Above all, our primary focus is to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing the highest standards in our services to our clients also AlexPetro’s Management is formed of a team of highly expert Geologists, Geophysists, Petroleum Engineers and Drilling Management, with over 100 years combined experience in oil and gas related services. More Info.


We pride ourselves on providing personal service. Alexpetro is committed to satisfying the individual needs of its clients. This helps build the long-term business, professional and personal relationships that are so important in working together toward a common objective. We work closely with our client's to ensure our clients are satisfied.Our clients in the Oil and Gas industry are local and international operating companies, major and small independents and working and non-working interest holders. We also provide consulting services and manpower for our clients. More Info.


AlexPetro provides services directed to Oil and Gas Industry.  We provide services from Rig Positioning, Topographic Survey, Site Surveying, Production Chemicals, Manpower Services, AlexPetro- WasteTech System, Seismic Surveying and also we provide additional services such as a Complete Well Packages, Completion Tooling, Submersible Pumps – JJ Technologies, Linepipes ( Seamless, Welded, ERW and Clad), Steel Insulated Pipe for Steam Injection Oil Well Workover, maintenance execution and supply of personnel, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Direct and In-Direct Fired Heaters Construction, Erection, Repair, Maintenance, Pre- Commissioning and Commissioning, Ductile Iron Pipe and Fitting, Environmental Control Technology, Isolated Pipes for Steam Enhanced, Recovery (EOR) / Steam Injection and Filtration Units. More Info.


AlexPetro supplies high quality products to various clients around North Africa and Middle East, the company the authorized distributor for Technovic Company API compliant Wellheads and Christmas Trees for the oil and gas industries. Technovic Company produces Well Assemblies to 20,000 psi both Single String Solid Block and Dual String Solid Block as well as annual BOP’s , also we provide Fluids Services , Drilling colars , Valves , Pipe Fittings, Flanges , Gaskets and Production Chemicals also We offer a full line of high quality laboratory equipment. More Info

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At  AlexPetro we believe in developing and sustaining strong relationships with a variety of international companies who contribute to our commitment to provide quality and cost effective products and services, which meet the needs of the Oil and Gas Industry. In this regard we have built partnerships with a number of service companies which enables us to diversify our scope of work.More Info.


Investing in training with AlexPetro is a sound choice. Our teams of expert trainers have extensive academic and practical experience in the relevant subject matter and ensure that participants are engaged in highly informative training sessions, Our training programs have been developed to address the specific needs and required skills of oil field personnel who are working in high pressure, diverse environments where safety, efficiency and specialized skills and knowledge are paramount. Powerful exercises and simulations give an organization's employees appealing yet instructionally sound courseware. More Info

Contact Us

Address:98 - Flat 93 - Al Amal - Maadi - Cairo -

Phone: (202)27008411 - Fax: (202)27008412 More Info.