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Our News for 2010

Now announcing AlexPetro - Environmental-Tech Section where we provide services in Air Quality, Water Quality, Domestic Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater Quality, Solid Waste Management and Training Services.

Alexpetro strives to provide excellent products and services to our clients in the Oil and Gas Industry and we have a wide range local and international clients. Some of our company's work Experiences include working with our clients in Consulting, Rig Positioning, Low Frequency Passive Seismic, Fittings and Valves, Training, Environmental, Production Chemicals, Seismic Processing and Lab Equipments.

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AlexPetro offers a full range of technical assistance and support services for every stage of your project. Our Field Staff are Multi-lingual Engineers, highly trained staff, knowledgeable of services to help keep your job running smoothly and efficiently.


دورة هندسة سوائل الحفر لأبار البترول

Mud Engineering Course



مدة الدورة      : أسبوعان


محتوى المادة  :


Basic Drilling Fluids


Mud Testing

Solids Control Equipments

Hole problems


شروط الالتحاق :

خريجي علوم( كيمياء – جيلوجيا- بترول)

         هندسة ( البترول – كيميائية)


 لمن يرغب بالالتحاق  :

القاهره :

مديرة التدريب / شيماء اسماعيل

هاتف  : 02-27008411 

موبايل :0127 8359993

الاسكندرية :

 م/ محمد فوزى

هاتف  : 03-5413471

موبايل :01202010062

البريد الالكترونى :info@alexpetro.com